Monday, 29 April 2013

I'm on a roll.......

Evening all, well I don't know what's got into me tonight but I'm full of inspiration..........7 items - must be something in the water lol.  Here's my lot for tonight, hope you like them as much as I did making them :o)
Purple glass pearls with antiqued silver (coloured) bead caps and clear crystal bicones in this chunky stretchy.

At last!  (said the hubby) men's jewellery.  Coconut shell beads with brown glass bead spacers make up this stretch necklace.  A must have summer accessory for any man.

This necklace is just stunning, I wish I could get the camera to show to full potential but no, my photography isn't that good.  Turquoise mother of pearl kite shaped beads, clear crystal bicones and silver stardust beads form the main, finished off with a silver coloured chain.  It just slips over the head so no fastener required here. 

Simply gorgeous chunky stretchy, acrylic beads of different shapes in pearlised pink and silver.

Love this Mans set, milky white wooden beads that look like back bone segments & to add a contrast I've interspaced with bronze beaded balls.  Imagine how great this will look on a lovely tanned body on the beach this summer!

And finally (phew) beautiful dark wood round beads and to add to the luxury the contrast on this one is Pyrite (fools gold).
Well I think I've earned a glass of vino now, so I'll bid you farewell and goodnight and hope to see you back here again tomorrow for another instalment.
Thanks so much for dropping by - Lynne x

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Another weekend.....

Hi all, well here we are again and another weekend almost passed!  I wish I knew where the time went lol.  I've put my toe into the big scary world of wire work today - seriously, just the very tip, and made a pair of earrings, I need lots more practice with this work so that will be my next hurdle to conquer.  I've also had the sewing needles out again and put together this bracelet.  Hope you like them.

Wirework earrings with silver coloured swirled wire and blue metallic beads.

These 2 photos are of a beautiful flat spiral stitched bracelet, made this time using 2 different tones of blue jade and highlighted with a pearlised pale blue seed bead.
Drop by again sometime, thanks for stopping by.
Good night all - Lynne xx

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bracelet Bonanza

Hello everyone, I'm still blogging :o)  Well I'm still in the bracelet mood, so here's another couple of 'makes' in shades of pink.  Have a great weekend x Lynne
Another Chacha but in Pink by request.....seems to be a popular style.

And still in the pink mood, here's another Triple Shamballa.
And finally, my best yet! Black and Gold beaded Kumihimo, this looks sooooo special in 'real life'!  "I will get the hang of this" has been my moto for the last couple of weeks, and at last its paying off.
Thanks for stopping by, do come back again.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Good evening....

Hi everyone, here we are again, after another lovely warm day.....will it last I wonder, very much doubt it unfortunately!  Still here I am after another few successful 'plays', I do hope you like them....feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.
Here I've made a Triple Shamballa using glass pearls and gold stardust beads, so effective and even more stunning than photo allows to show through.  Fantastic bridal season jewellery, for bride, brides mother or even bridesmaid gifts.

My first beaded Kumihimo, very 'faffy' but worth the effort, looks blue here but it's actually in pale lilac and purple magatama beads.

And finally, 2 Chacha stretchies in blue multi shaped/finish glass beads, and in white multi shaped/finish glass beads.
I'm off to chill with a nice cold glass of white wine now so enjoy the rest of your evening all, whatever you're up to.  Good night, god bless - Lynne xxx.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

A better day.....

Well today has been a much better day for me, I actually feel like I've accomplished something instead of 'undoing' everything I touched yesterday lol.

The sunshine does funny things to me.......I thought of flowers and just had to make this flower macramé bracelet using some colourful wooden beads I had.  I love it, hope you do too.
Someone shared a link with me for jewellery patterns and I made this blue/silver creation from it, this is my twist on the pattern which was originally cream pearls and gold findings (maybe next time!), sits beautifully on the neckline.

And finally today I finished off this beaded bracelet which has taken ages to do as its such a strain on the eyes.  Using genuine bronze potato pearls and gold lined seed beads for this 'Baroque' style bracelet - very classy.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sunny Day

Evening all, hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine today, it was nice to see it at last.  I've had a bit of a disastrous day today, nothing would go how I wanted it to ggrrrrr!  I hate days like this, but still I finally managed to do a couple of things I'm happy to share.

In the Pink, is a sunny little 3 string necklace made with pink crystals, silver coloured chain & 3 colour glass pearls.  Would look stunning with your summer wardrobe.

I also managed to do a silver/black simple Kumihimo bracelet with silver accents in the fastener and the charm.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, hope it stays fine :-)

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kumi & shamballa

Evening all,

I've completed my first Kumihimo tonight and thought I'd share it with you.  Also I've made up a shamballa kit from the latest Crafters Companion magazine with my own little twist....hope you like them.
This is my first complete Kumi made in gold and cream cord and finished of with gold findings and a dangle.  This is to enter into the Beading Friends Forever monthly challenge.....why not join in by calling over to their blog.   Next challenge for me is to do one with beads.

This was a plain black Shamballa kit received in the latest Crafters Companion Magazine....I've added my own twist by literally doing a twist knot rather than the usual square knot, I also added silver spacers to spice it up a little.

Monday, 8 April 2013

A little bit of FrouFrou

Evening all,  I've made a couple of cards tonight I'd like to share with you.  The first is from the new CD from Crafters Companion, Frou Frou, it's very girly - I luv it.  The 2nd card is for someone who likes 50s Americana, hope he likes it.

Hope you have a good evening, whatever it has in store for you......big hugs xx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

I'm back!

Good evening all, I've missed you guys, I've been devoted laptop finally gave in and died a few months age, well I've finally got my new laptop but now comes the headache of mastering the dreaded Windows 8......getting there slowly.
I had a wonderful day at The Big Bead Show in Sandown yesterday and came back with lots of new goodies to indulge my little habit!  Here are a couple of items made so far, do feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Happy crafting xx
Here we have a big and chunky (but very light weight) double stretchy with large flower centre piece, colour is a metallic gunmetal. 

This set is from a beady bag of semi precious stones bought from Jewellery Maker, well worth the money when they are available, I've hardly put a dent in the quantity.  The beads include Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Amethyst and much more and they are not all chips and nuggets, it's just what I've used first.  This set is being entered into the Beading Friends Forever monthly challenge, why don't you join us on Facebook it's a fantastic group who are always willing to share experience and top tips, or have a look at the Group Blog at: