Sunday, 7 April 2013

I'm back!

Good evening all, I've missed you guys, I've been devoted laptop finally gave in and died a few months age, well I've finally got my new laptop but now comes the headache of mastering the dreaded Windows 8......getting there slowly.
I had a wonderful day at The Big Bead Show in Sandown yesterday and came back with lots of new goodies to indulge my little habit!  Here are a couple of items made so far, do feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Happy crafting xx
Here we have a big and chunky (but very light weight) double stretchy with large flower centre piece, colour is a metallic gunmetal. 

This set is from a beady bag of semi precious stones bought from Jewellery Maker, well worth the money when they are available, I've hardly put a dent in the quantity.  The beads include Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Amethyst and much more and they are not all chips and nuggets, it's just what I've used first.  This set is being entered into the Beading Friends Forever monthly challenge, why don't you join us on Facebook it's a fantastic group who are always willing to share experience and top tips, or have a look at the Group Blog at:


  1. These are gorgeous Lynne, welcome back.

    Linda xxx

  2. I am subscribing to your blog......Cheryl

  3. Hi Sweetie, welcome back.... This is amazing,i love to see your creations xxx (hugs)

  4. Two great pieces of jewelry Lynne, good to see you back x

  5. These are beautiful - particularly the one with that fabulous flower